Welcome to the Research website of The Sustainable University One-stop Shop …..


Research has a critical role to play in advancing Sustainability in Higher Education (SHE) and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). For instance, the sustainable university endeavour itself could be considered as a research and development programme (Beringer and Adomssent 2008).


This website is structured as follows:


Papers and Reports page

This page provides full references of selected papers and reports related to SHE and ESD published worldwide since 2008. The title of paper/report is linked to the abstract/full content (where available online).

Find papers/reports published in a particular year by simply selecting that category (e.g. ‘2012’). Or search using the following tags:

  • Family name of authors
  • Titles of selected journals
  • Other keywords: teaching, learning, research, operations, outreach, culture, Education for sustainable development (ESD), interdisciplinary, sustainable university, etc


Journals page

This pages gives links to academic journals related to SHE, SD and ESD.


Books page

This page gives key information on books related to SHE, SD and ESD.


Centres & Groups

This page gives links to research centres and groups related to SHE, SD and ESD.


Being an experiment of gradual expansion and improvement, this website is not comprehensive and comments are most welcome…

Please contact me on:


Twitter: http://twitter.com/sustainableuni1 – @sustainableuni1

LinkedIn: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/asithaj/



Beringer, A. and Adomssent, M. (2008) Sustainable university research and development: inspecting sustainability in higher education research. Environmental Education Research, 14(6), pp.607-623.


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